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Debian MS Secure Boot and derivatives Aug 2018 status

Steve McIntyre said on the 2015 MiniDebconfCambridge that derivatives
could gather from Debian asking Microsoft to sign/authorize Debian's
shim for Secure Boot.

Something like, If you take grub and kernel packages from Debian your
Debian derivative will support Secure Boot.

Here it is:
 ( 39:05 )

I have recently watched the Debconf18 talk about UEFI and I remember
something like these packages being affected:

shim, fwupd, grub2, kernel, "kernel modules", systemd-boot(?)

BTW, I haved added "kernel modules" because Ben Hutchings mentioned. I
guess that 'kernel' in that slide meant: Most every binary package built
from kernel source package.

And here it is:

So I just want to be sure if an statement like:

"If you recycle original shim, fwupd, grub, kernel and "kernel modules",
systemd-boot(?) signed packages from official Debian your derivative
will support Secure Boot"

is still true nowadays.

And, yes, I know that Secure Boot is not available in official Debian
yet, but there is a non official key to test and so on.

My question implies Secure Boot having been implemented properly in
Debian in the future.

Thank you very much!

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