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Slides for presentation at DebConf (request for help)


I started the slides for DebConf presentation.
I wrote in LaTex to be easier to version:


Instructions about how to generate the pdf are in the README.md

PDF of the current version:

Fell free to modify it, you should have access to the git repo.

Could you please review and help to fill the TODOs mainly at the end of
the page?

Steve: could you add the current state of the fwupdate please?

Ansgar: could you add the current state od Dak please?

Luke: could you check the signing service part and write the state of
the deployment please?

Philipp: Could you add the state of shim and its boot service please?

Ben: Could you add the kernel state please?

Someone: grub current state?

If you don't want to add in the slides yourself, just let me know what
you want there and I can add it.
We can also sync during DebConf


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