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Re: Proposal: UEFI secure boot implementation sprint, early 2018

Hi fellow DDs,

I'd like to join that sprint as well, as I'm currently the person
within Univention¹ responsible for maintaining our Secure Boot chain.
(Ben was so kind to forward that mail to me.)
I can provide some first-hand knowledge on Shim, Grub, and Linux kernel,
Qemu/KVM with OVMS, as I'm the maintainer for those things here at

I'd prefer Europe as well, especially Germany, as we're located in
Bremen. Essen and Fulda are both okay with me.
Depending on the number of participants maybe we can even arrange a
meeting here in Bremen (or nearby).
I have no preference for a date, but Q1 is okay with me.


¹: Our product is "Univention Corporate Server", which is based on Debian.
Philipp Hahn
Open Source Software Engineer

Univention GmbH
be open.
Mary-Somerville-Str. 1
D-28359 Bremen
Tel.: +49 421 22232-0
Fax : +49 421 22232-99

Geschäftsführer: Peter H. Ganten
HRB 20755 Amtsgericht Bremen
Steuer-Nr.: 71-597-02876

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