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Re: UEFI and Debian

On 03/31/2017 07:05 AM, Dennis Lessa wrote:
> Hello, Debian Team, good morning,
> i am brazilian and user of the debian system e would like solve one doubt
> about problems in install the system in notebooks samsung using UEFI mode.
> Do there are problem in to install debian system in notebooks samsung?
> Grateful by attention

If you are having problems with UEFI on a vendor's box, you might try
running Intel's LUV-live (Linux UEFI Validation) distribution, to test
out that UEFI implementation. Look at the output of FWTS and CHIPSEC, at
minimum, for any problems.


Or, run FWTS-live to run FWTS interactively.


(Ignore the FWTS Secure Boot test results, they're only useful for
Ubuntu, not helpful for Debian.)

If these firmware tests show problems with your Samsung, then any
OS/distribution, like Debian, may have problems with that system.

Hope this helps.

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