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Re: Bug#852513: grub-efi-amd64: during configuration: "No space left on device"

Hi Steve,

thanks for coming back to this.

>  * grub-install should be noticing the error reported by efibootmgr
>    rather than saying "Installation finished. No error reported" -
>    that's clearly bogus.


>  * we need to deal with errors better here when efibootmgr says ENOSPC.
>    It looks like /sys/fs/pstore filling up may be causing a lot of
>    these issues. There's an open item in systemd saying:
>      - import and delete pstore filesystem content at startup
>    which would help. While that's not implemented, at the very least

Actually, I don't have the old files around, but I faintly remember
that the crash/dump files in /sys/fs/pstore were related to systemd.
So this seems to be highly necessary.

>    I'm thinking about error checking in grub-install. Simply
>    suggesting the user looks in /sys/fs/pstore and maybe delete things
>    would be better than the current "can't boot" issue.

efibootmgr should probably also try harder and report a bit better? maybe?

Anyway, good to hear that this might help others, too.

Thanks a lot for your work


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