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Re: regenerating /boot/efi/debian/

El 13/12/16 a las 09:50, Jack Howarth escribió:
      During my struggles to get a bootable linux installed on a
MacBook Pro 2,1 which has EFI-32 firmware, I discover that the
debian-8.6.0-amd64-i386-netinst.iso multi-arch installer was the only
Linux distribution capable of achieving this.

Hi Jack,

I would like to understand better why you insist on your update-efi-booter script. ( As I'm asking about Debian specifically I will CC debian-efi mailing list here. On other Super Grub2 Disk related stuff I tend to remove debian-efi mailing list from CC so that I don't pollute it with offtopic. )

  Can you please describe:

* How you managed to boot debian-8.6.0-amd64-i386-netinst.iso on your Mac Book Pro ( MBP 2,1 ) ? Did you do a DD equivalent and put the ISO into a USB? Did you do anything else?

* I guess once Debian installation disk had boot you just did a normal installation. Any specific steps on the installation related to boot/grub that you did?

* Once you installed it thanks to Debian installer did it boot right away? Or did you have to do additional steps for it to boot? Which ones were those ones?

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