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dual boot debian with windows 10 in uefi mode

I am trying do dual-boot my Dell Precision 5510 (1TB PCIe SSD), that came with windows 10, adding Debian stretch.

First, I have disabled fast startup of windows and then disabled secure boot. Then, when installing Debian from a bootable USB stick (UEFI mode), in some moment, it prompt the windows installing grub boot loader. It shows the message looking for other operation systems for around half an hour and finally prompt the window error unable to install grub in dummy, executing grub-install dummy failed, fatal error. Hope someone can give a hand.


Erick Chacon Montalvan
Research Student in Statistics and Epidemiology
CHICAS - Faculty of Health and Medicine
Lancaster University (UK)

Website: http://statisticalissues.wordpress.com/
skype: eral.th07

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