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Re: Bug#821341: debian-installer: unbootable, no gpt partition for uefi install

Control: merge -1 821340
Control: reassign 821340 partman-efi
Control: retitle 821340 partman-efi: add extra warning about preferring GPT for USE installation

Hi Josh,

I'm merging this with your other bug report - they're clearly the same

On Sun, Apr 17, 2016 at 10:37:53PM +0200, josh wrote:
>Package: debian-installer
>Severity: important
>After installation system was not bootable.
>During the installation it said that it had detected that I had UEFI
>booted the installation CD and proposed to make an EFI boot partion
>which I accepted. However, after installation, Debian wasn't bootable.
>I tracked the problem down to the fact that even though it said it was
>installing a UEFI bootable system, the hard drive was still partitioned
>with an MBR, which is not UEFI boot compatible. There seemed to be no
>option for selecting/forcing gpt partitioning.
>Using a rescue cd and converting the MBR to a gpt and then reinstalling
>grub-uefi solved the problem without having to reinstall the system.
>It would seem to me that if the installer detects an uefi booted system
>and is installing an efi boot partition then it should automatically
>partition with a gpt and not an mbr.

Again, it should be possible to do this (select GPT) using expert mode
rather than having to restart. Maybe we should add a warning during
partman-efi setup that some machines won't boot in MBR mode, and offer
to switch. This is clearly difficult to do in some cases, e.g. if
other OSes are on the system already.

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