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Re: Simultaneous EFI and Legacy bootloader installation

Le 30/03/2016 23:11, Mario Limonciello a écrit :
> I'm assuming simple is a relative term.  You would have to be able to
> resize a filesystem in order to make another partition for the ESP.

That is the hardest part

> Then you also could run into a situation of a system that wouldn't like
> an ESP that it finds later in the disk.  I don't know how common this
> problem is.

I saw systems that required the first partition (in the partition table)
to be the ESP one. But this ESP partition did not require to be the
first on the disk.
  Parted, for example, allocates partition number in the order of their
creation (it always pick the smaller partition number available at
creation time) but you can put this partition anywhere on the disk.
  I never find a way to change this partition number with parted (but
in destroying all partitions and creating them at the same disk place
in the order I want, something I find very dangerous and that cannot
be done if the root partition is on this disk).


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