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Re: Adopting libsmbios in debian

On 03/15/2016 02:28 PM, Mario_Limonciello@Dell.com wrote:
Great.  Adding Debian-EFI.

I'm not familiar - Is there a formal process for adopting a co-maintainer?    Do you need to issue an upload with Debian-EFI listed in maintainers?  Or can any DD do this task?

Any DD can do it.
The [maintainer change] process formally "requires" the previous maintainer acknowledging it unless MIA --- which I'm explicitly doing here :)

Thank you, Mario, for your continued support.
...and thank you in advance to the debian-efi team. Keep the good work!

From: José Luis Tallón [mailto:jltallon@adv-solutions.net]
Sent: Tuesday, March 15, 2016 6:09 PM
To: Limonciello, Mario <Mario_Limonciello@Dell.com>
Subject: Re: Adopting libsmbios in debian

On 03/15/2016 03:56 AM, Mario_Limonciello@Dell.com wrote:
Hi Jose,
I know libmsbios hasn't had a release in a long time, but this recently happened.  I noticed you haven't had a lot of activity on the package in Debian.  Would you be able to update to the new release?  If you don't want to work on libsmbios, what would >you think about letting the debian-efi team take over the package?
In fact, please do. I don't have much time left.
I'd love to be listed as a co-maintainer, though.

I do have a lot of Dell servers in production (ranging from PE1950 all through R630), so I can test new versions of the tools on real hardware.... :)

Thank you, Mario.

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