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Bug#815753: fwupdmgr: thinks my internal camera is external

On 02/24/2016 10:03 PM, Paul Wise wrote:
> I wonder if the solution is to use a phrase other than "Internal" that
> actually indicates what this field is used for. You mentioned "the
> Internal flag is only used to relax authentication checks on removable
> devices" but I'm not clear on what exactly this means. Does it mean
> that "Internal: True" devices need root/sudo access to update and
> "Internal: False" any be updated by any locally present user?
PolicyKit modal dialogs are actually displayed in both cases.

These are the default policies:

The policies are actually the same between the two scenarios, but the
Internal devices use a different phrasing (removable device).

A special rule is installed that overrides policy to allow install under
the following circumstances:
* Internal device, upgrading (not downgrade)
* Locally invoked
* User in sudo/wheel.

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