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Re: [OT] Secure boot for Super Grub2 Disk plausible?

El 18/01/16 a las 17:47, Steve McIntyre escribió:
On Fri, Jan 15, 2016 at 11:14:44PM +0100, adrian15 wrote:
4. Super Grub2 Disk and Debian.

This is not specific to my Secure boot concerns but, well, I hope some day to
integrate Super Grub2 Disk into Debian. Last time I checked Debian I had
problems with it because:

4.1. Debian packages do not provide a way of building an hybrid (both valid
in i386-pc and efi machines) iso.

That's been working for a while now, modulo corner cases like buggy
early Intel Macs. I hope you've seen this now!

Sorry for not specifying enough.

So, with grub-mkimage (based on grub2's git) you can do an hybrid image that works on:

Hard disk / USB + x86 BIOS
Hard disk / USB + UEFI 64bit
CDROM / USB + UEFI 64bit

Last time I checked the unstable grub2 packages (based on an old grub2 git commit) when trying to do the same hybrid image it only worked on:

Hard disk / USB + x86 BIOS
CDROM / USB + UEFI 64bit

so that means that it was not able to boot in UEFI 64bit systems from hard disk.

As I think that you would have checked if the four ways of booting works with current debian-cd image I suspect that you using xorriso directly on debian-cd (instead of using grub-mkimage) it's what makes the difference.

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