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Unable to preseed Debian Jessie (8.0.2) on UEFI


We are working on automating and customizing installation of 
Debian Jessie debian-8.2.0-amd64-netinst with preseed.cfg on UEFI.

Unable to preseed or customize installation with UEFI.

Tested on:
1) Hyper-V, Windows 2012 R2, Generation 2 VM (UEFI only)
2) Virtual Box 5.0.8 (with Enable EFI feature turnde on)

What works:
1) Hyper-V Generation 2 (UEFI) Default manual install (without preseeding) debian-8.2.0-amd64-netinst.iso
2) Hyper-V Generation 1:(BIOS) Preseeding works debian-8.2.0-amd64-netinst.iso
3) Hyper-V Generation 1:(BIOS) Preseeding works and customization is possible with boot.img.gz by modifying boot parameters in txt.cfg

However, when following steps for creation of USB media, or modification of ISO, preseeding for UEFI does not work.
I have also tried numerous other steps and did a research to try and get around this. However, I did not succeed.

Can someone please confirm:
1) Are there documented steps on how to preseed/customize/automate Debian Jessie, when installing on UEFI enabled systems?
2) Should the steps for customization Debian Jessie install of UEFI be different? For example, when booting in UEFI the menu is called "Debian GNU/Linux UEFI Installer menu" and I could not find a way to customize this menu.
3) Could this be one of the missing (not yet implemented) features for UEFI support in Debian Jessie (8.0)?

Any help will be appreciated!

Thank you!


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