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Re: Support for mirroring of EFI System Partition

On Sun, 20 Sep 2015 01:03:51 +0200 Stefan Lippers-Hollmann wrote:

> Hi

Hi and thanks for the additional explanations!

> On 2015-09-19, Francesco Poli wrote:
> [...]
> > I still fail to see where's the problem with mounting multiple ESPs on
> > multiple /boot/efi* mount points: it seems to me that we would have
> > (almost) nothing to lose and everything to gain.
> There is no problem at all with /mounting/ multiple ESPs anywhere, but 
> given a properly braindead mainboard UEFI implementation, your mainboard
> might have a problem if it sees more than one single ESP connected to
> your system...

I see, but this may be a argument against having multiple ESPs (and
thus against RAID1 on a UEFI system) in general, not against one
specific way to update the ESPs.

> That's why trying to get too smart is usually a bad idea in this domain,
> it might work perfectly under ovmf and on your system - but break in 
> horrible ways for others.

I think I understand: I really hope a solution will be found, since
saying goodbye to software RAID because of broken UEFI implementations
would be a *huge* regression with respect to the (hackish, but working)
BIOS support for software RAID...

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