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Re: Support for mirroring of EFI System Partition


On 2015-09-05, Francesco Poli wrote:
> Hello Debian EFI support developers,
> I would like to install Debian testing on a box with two identical
> drives in software RAID1 (mirroring) and I was planning the partition
> sizing.
> While doing so, I realized that this new box has UEFI (instead of BIOS)
> on the motherboard, and hence needs an ESP (EFI System Partition) in
> order to host the GRUB bootloader (correct?).
> With the new UEFI-based machines, it seems to me that this possibility
> is not (well) supported. I read on the Debian Wiki [1] that there's
> "no support for putting the ESP on two separate disks in RAID" !

There is a, very crude and hacky, workaround - install both 
grub-efi-amd64 and another UEFI based bootloader, like gummiboot...

Install grub2 as normal, then configure gummiboot to only use the 
second drive - and make sure via efibootmgr that boot priorities are
the way you expect them to be (grub2 on the primary drive first, then
gummiboot on the secondary drive).

This is not really a pleasant option, but it works and is at least 
significantly better than manually messing around with dd or similar
approaches. Some time ago I submitted a patch to allow gummiboot 
setting up multiple disks on its own (#755978), but the patch was 
unfortunately rejected; a similar change would be possible for grub2
as well (just that the maintainer scripts and debconf interactions are
a tad more complex there).

	Stefan Lippers-Hollmann

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