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Bug#1039167: debian-edu-install: ships sysv-init script without systemd unit

Package: debian-edu-install
Severity: important
User: bluca@debian.org
Usertags: missing-systemd-service

Dear Maintainer(s),

debian-edu-install has been flagged by Lintian as shipping a
sysv-init script without a corresponding systemd unit file. The
default init system in Debian is systemd, and so far this worked
because a transitional sysv-init-to-unit generator was shipped by
systemd. This is in the process of being deprecated and will be
removed by the time Trixie ships, so the remaining packages that ship
init scripts without systemd units will stop working.

There are various advantages to using native units, for example the
legacy generator cannot tell the different between a oneshot service
and a long running daemon. Also, sanboxing and security features
become available for services. For more information, consult the
systemd documentation:

You can find the Lintian warning here:


In case this is a false positive, please add a Lintian override to
silence it and then close this bug.


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