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Re: GSoD project proposal

Hi Dashamir,

On  Sa 18 Feb 2023 11:07:01 CET, Dashamir Hoxha wrote:

On Sat, Feb 18, 2023 at 9:07 AM Mike Gabriel <
mike.gabriel@das-netzwerkteam.de> wrote:

The goal of this GSoD participation would be a modern "Debian Edu User
Manual", right?

I created a very basic project proposal page, however I just realized that
I sent the wrong URL on the previous message. The correct URL is this:
Please feel free to improve it, because it needs lots of improvements.

Let's schedule a video call to work on this together for 1h or so. The coming week should be good for that (second half of the week).

Some examples from other projects that are trying to apply:
- https://github.com/apache/apisix/discussions/8852
- https://github.com/rubygsoc/rubygsod/wiki/Ideas-List-(2023)

If so, please go ahead with this. I'll sign up for co-admin/co-mentor
(deputy mentor, so to say, or your source of information if you can't
answer questions during mentorship).

Mike, thanks for supporting the idea.
However, I can't be the primary project admin, because my role and
involvement in DebianEdu is quite peripheral.
Besides, to be honest, I'd like to apply as a technical writer to some of
the GSoD projects (this helps me to survive). I don't think there is a
conflict between being admin in one project and technical writer in
another, at least I haven't seen anything like this in the rules. But in
case there is a conflict, I can drop the admin role. So, I can't be the
primary admin.

Ok. Understood. I can become primary admin, but due to time restriction on my end, I'd need you to help with major parts of the diligent admin tasks.


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