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IT Candidate


I’m looking for the decision-maker in the recruitment and hiring area in your company.

We provide support, which is the answer to the difficulties in acquiring specialists in the broad IT sector. Combining the potential of our recruiters with the experience in servicing companies of your size, we are able to carry out the most demanding assignments.

We have reliable candidate pools, we reach the best IT engineers of many specialties, such as Software Developers, Project Managers, IT Support Engineers, QA Engineers, Technical Program Managers, R&D Engineers, DevOps Engineers.

We focus on effective management of the whole process, we use the best direct search tools, we recruit candidates from many countries, which confirms our outstanding efficiency and quality of service.

We’ve carried out over 4,000 recruitment projects for a thousand of companies from many continents. Relying on our 20-year experience and professionalism, our clients receive tangible benefits each time during the realisation of the recruitment projects.

If you are interested in support in recruitment processes, please contact us.

Yours faithfully,
Bailey Keith

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