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Re: No Access to Internet

Hi Sebastian.

[ Sebastian Sznauder, 2022-09-14 ]
> I come with a problem of access to the internet in Debian Edu Network. I
> have the connection between workstations and main server (and the base),
> users may login to their accounts and have the access to their files, but
> they have no access to the internet. If I configure DHCP server on tjener
> for a workstation to send DNS address (, the workstation gains the
> access to the Internet but it loose access to debian edu network. Sorry for
> that essential question. I have tried to set it up many times and in many
> ways and eigher with no result or I quite loose the connection to the server
> and base.

Maybe the main server's named cache is corrupt.

On the main server, run
service named status

If problems show up, run:
service named stop
rm /var/cache/bind/*.*
service named start
service named status


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