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Security vulnerabilities

Are you ready to talk about app and infrastructure security, in particular about vulnerabilities and resistance to breach attempts?
We conduct black box, grey box and white box penetration tests, which simulate potential attacks on web and mobile apps and infrastructure, and which can help you assess the real effectiveness of your security measures.
We identify the largest amount of vulnerabilities possible so that you can eliminate all threats to your data protection, service continuity and app availability.
You then receive a report which lists all identified vulnerabilities and the associated risks, as well as our recommendations on how best to eliminate them and upgrade your security.
After the changes have been implemented, we run a re-test so that you can rest assured that the vulnerabilities we discovered have really been eliminated.
Our pentesters are holders of various certificates, including CEH, OSCP, OSCE and CISSP, and have a wealth of experience working with popular global brands.
If you are interested in working with us – be sure to let us know.

Best regards
Emil Winkler

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