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Bug#1006362: debian-edu-config: PXE-installed Debian Edu clients don't boot into graphical.target

Package: debian-edu-config
Severity: important
Version: 2.12.17
Control: found -1 2.11.56+deb11u3

Today I investigate a peculiar issue reported by a customer that uses a vanilla Debian Edu 11 (not my IT-Zukunft Schule version of Debian Edu). So this is a good test scenario for discovering vanilla Debian Edu 11 issue.

It turned out on the customer's site that XFCE based Debian Edu 11 workstation would not boot into the graphical.target after installation via PXE based netinst Debian Installer.

When installing from one of our ISO images, this issue could not be observed.

The underlying causes of this is that we append "-- ipappend 2" to the kernel cmdline when doing the PXE boot into the Debian Installer. This kernel boot cmdline is generated by /usr/sbin/debian-edu-pxeinstall (and was necessary in older times).

What happens with this "-- ipappend 2" bit of the kernel cmdline is that it gets added (during the installation process) to the GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX variable in /etc/default/grub:


So, the booting systems finds a "2" in the kernel boot cmdline after the system has been installed via PXE and this "2" is interpreted as runlevel 2 by systemd (PID 1).

The solution for this is removing "-- ipappend 2" from the PXE kernel boot cmdline which needs to be done in the generator script (debian-edu-pxeinstall).

I will propose a fix once this bug has been filed in BTS...


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