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Bug#1005813: debian-edu-config: apparmor blocks cups-browsed.conf from being read

[ Petter Reinholdtsen, 2022-02-19 ]
> [Wolfgang Schweer]
> > As the symlink seems to be the problem, another solution would be to
> > let cfengine copy the file instead:
> Sure.  The reason a symlink was used was to ensure upgrades would take
> effect.
Right. In case an upgraded debian-edu-config package contains a changed 
cups-browsed-debian-edu.conf file, 'cf-agent -v -D installation' would 
need to be run to update the cups-browsed.conf file.

In the past, the status pages have been updated at point release days to 
cope with changes concerning (among others) the debian-edu-config 
package, including information if a cf-agent run is needed; see:


In case of release upgrades, a cf-agent run is required anyway (like 
documented in the manuals)


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