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Re: iomega ix2-200 as slbackup server

Hi all,

I'm still working on getting my good old ix2-200 running as a slbackup server in a debianedu/skolelinux environment.

I managed to install a minimal install on it with Wolfgang's help - thanks for that!

Now I wonder, what my ix2-200 host has got to be in gosa: A server, a network-device or even a workstation?

Kind regards


Wolfgang Schweer:
Moin Frank,

[ Frank Weißer, 2021-08-25 ]
I tried to run with
PROFILE=Minimal \
DESKTOP=none \

Should be DESKTOP= for no desktop environment.

and it installs a complete (kde?) Workstation :-(

No idea what happens if the none desktop environment is chosen ;)
(Maybe the Debian default one (gnome) is kept.)

btw.: are upper/lower cases correct?


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