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Bug#1001939: education-common: Please drop the Recommends: hddtemp

Package: education-common
Version: 2.12.4
Severity: minor

Dear maintainer,

education-common recommends hddtemp which is going to be removed from
the archive.

hddtemp is a software from another age that will not be shipped with
Debian Bookworm release [1]. However it could be easily replaced by the
drivetemp kernel module (available since kernel 5.6) which uses the same
hwmon interface as for NVME drives and other systems sensors and is
supported by lm-sensors. It does not require any privileged, as opposed
to hddtemp which runs as a daemon or a setuid binary.

education-common currently recommends both hddtemp and lm-sensors,
offering an easy transition. The only thing to do is therefore to drop
the hddtemp recommends. Note that recommends do not affected
installability, so there is no urgency in doing so, but it should
eventually be dropped.


[1] https://sources.debian.org/src/hddtemp/0.3-beta15-54/debian/NEWS/

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