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Bug#989937: some non CDATA commands are hard to read

[ hoxp18@noramail.jp, 2021-06-16 ]
> Package: debian-edu-doc
> Version:2.11.24
> Severity: wishlist
> Dear Debian Edu team,
> Some commands for upgrading written in section 12 "upgrade"
> are "listitem" type in po files (not "CDATA").
> As a result some of crucial texts are rendered as
> list items which I think it could confuse readers a bit
> (by depth of list and wrap on browser).
> e.g. 12.2.1. ldapvi manipulation (iPXE)
> Perhaps "computeroutput" and/or "CDATA" be nice,
> for both readers and translators, I think.
Thanks for the hint. The related chapter has been reworked (waiting for 
revision), see:


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