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Project of System

Good morning,
We have noticed accelerated development of your company and this typically means rising needs as for the tools you use. It also means the creation of new business needs.
We are a member of the European Alliance for Innovation and are among the Top Developers Poland 2020 Clutch. We work for leaders of the media, banking, insurance and telecommunications markets, including global IT companies.
Clients reach for our help when they notice decreased efficiency and technical debt of the current software, and also when the present team of developers needs additional experienced members specialising in development, software testing, enterprise integration and DevOps.
We help in the areas of process management, data analysis, sales, complex settlements and trade cooperation. Our services are recommended by i.a. CIO Applications Europe. 
We will be happy to meet you to discuss your needs and explain how we can support your company. Will you be interested?

Best regards

Gabriel Rasmussen

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