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Bug#985703: debian-edu-doc-legacy-en: broken symlink: /usr/share/doc/debian-edu-doc-legacy-en/debian-edu-itil-manual-images/alert.png -> /debian-edu-doc-en/usr/share/doc/debian-edu-doc-en/debian-edu-bullseye-manual-images/alert.png

Hi Andreas,

[ Andreas Beckmann, 2021-04-06 ]
> On 22/03/2021 13.14, Wolfgang Schweer wrote:
> > The package education-common (installed by default on Debian Edu 
> > systems) has a Recommends: on debian-debian-edu-doc-legacy-en 
> > already. But the Suggests: might be useful for people installing 
> > debian-edu-doc-en independently.
> Now that we have the Suggests for en (and I'm installing that in my piuparts
> instance for these broken symlink tests), the same problem shows up more
> languages (that didn't get tested previously since their dependency -en was
> failing): fr, ja, nl, pt-pt - they should probably suggest their legacy
> counterparts as well.
Yes; thanks for the hint. In addition to the four above also nb-no and 
zh should do so.


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