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Bug#985703: debian-edu-doc-legacy-en: broken symlink: /usr/share/doc/debian-edu-doc-legacy-en/debian-edu-itil-manual-images/alert.png -> /debian-edu-doc-en/usr/share/doc/debian-edu-doc-en/debian-edu-bullseye-manual-images/alert.png

Hi Andreas,

[ Andreas Beckmann, 2021-03-22 ]
> Package: debian-edu-doc-legacy-en
> Version: 2.11.20
> Severity: normal
> User: debian-qa@lists.debian.org
> Usertags: piuparts

Thanks for noticing.

> 0m23.4s ERROR: FAIL: Broken symlinks: 
>   /usr/share/doc/debian-edu-doc-legacy-en/debian-edu-itil-manual-images/alert.png 
>   -> 
>   /debian-edu-doc-en/usr/share/doc/debian-edu-doc-en/debian-edu-bullseye-manual-images/alert.png 
>   (debian-edu-doc-legacy-en)

should be shipped, but is missing. I'll take a look.
> There is also in debian-edu-doc-en:
> 0m22.5s ERROR: FAIL: Broken symlinks:
>   /usr/share/doc/debian-edu-doc/legacy-en -> ../debian-edu-doc-legacy-en (debian-edu-doc-en)
> Should there be at least a Suggests: debian-edu-doc-legacy-en ?

Yes, maybe it should be so. The package education-common (installed by 
default on Debian Edu systems) has a Recommends: on 
debian-debian-edu-doc-legacy-en already. But the Suggests: might be 
useful for people installing debian-edu-doc-en independently.


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