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Content and translation status for the debian-edu-bullseye manual

The (translated) debian-edu-bullseye manual in PDF, ePUB or HTML formats are available at https://jenkins.debian.net/userContent/debian-edu-doc//

To understand this mail better, please read /usr/share/doc/debian-edu-doc/README.
This mail is automatically send by a cronjob run by Holger Levsen every two weeks. Please send feedback, suggestions, flames and cookies via this list.

debian-edu-bullseye-manual.da.po: 809 translated messages, 197 fuzzy translations, 119 untranslated messages.
debian-edu-bullseye-manual.de.po: 1125 translated messages.
debian-edu-bullseye-manual.es.po: 527 translated messages, 79 fuzzy translations, 519 untranslated messages.
debian-edu-bullseye-manual.fr.po: 842 translated messages, 184 fuzzy translations, 99 untranslated messages.
debian-edu-bullseye-manual.it.po: 831 translated messages, 195 fuzzy translations, 99 untranslated messages.
debian-edu-bullseye-manual.ja.po: 831 translated messages, 195 fuzzy translations, 99 untranslated messages.
debian-edu-bullseye-manual.nb-no.po: 838 translated messages, 210 fuzzy translations, 77 untranslated messages.
debian-edu-bullseye-manual.nl.po: 968 translated messages, 70 fuzzy translations, 87 untranslated messages.
debian-edu-bullseye-manual.pl.po: 317 translated messages, 16 fuzzy translations, 792 untranslated messages.
debian-edu-bullseye-manual.ro.po: 367 translated messages, 124 fuzzy translations, 634 untranslated messages.
debian-edu-bullseye-manual.sv.po: 137 translated messages, 36 fuzzy translations, 952 untranslated messages.
debian-edu-bullseye-manual.zh-cn.po: 968 translated messages, 76 fuzzy translations, 81 untranslated messages.
debian-edu-bullseye-manual.zh-tw.po: 82 translated messages, 36 fuzzy translations, 1007 untranslated messages.
FIXME: The HowTos from <ulink url="https://wiki.debian.org/DebianEdu/HowTo/"/> are either user- or developer-specific. Let's move the user-specific HowTos over here (and delete them over there)! (But first ask the authors (see the history of those pages to find them) if they are fine with moving the howto and putting it under the GPL.) 
1 FIXMEs left to fix

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