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Bug#977462: Debian Edu sssd.conf conflicts with sssd service sockets

[ Wolfgang Schweer, 2020-12-16 ]
> I'm just wondering if this is a Debian Edu specific bug at all. If 
> /usr/share/sssd/generate-config is used to generate sssd.conf, the same 
> messages are showing up upon reboot.

Maybe the shipped script is outdated.

After reading the logs twice, I noticed that maybe the only change 
needed is to comment the services line in /etc/sssd/sssd.conf.

It seems that sssd switched to socket activation as default to reduce 
the amount of running services. (And services = x, y, z means that these 
services are running permanently, see the 'systemctl status sssd' output 
before and after commenting the services line.

Also, see the information below /var/lib/sss/, e.g. pipes.

Please test


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