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Re: Thoughts / Questions on Debian Edu Artwork

Hi Wolfgang, hi Holger,

On  Fr 11 Dez 2020 11:56:57 CET, Wolfgang Schweer wrote:

[ Holger Levsen, 2020-12-11 ]
On Thu, Dec 10, 2020 at 10:55:25PM +0000, Mike Gabriel wrote:
> 1.
> Shall I move the lines themes (iirc, from jessie) into the d-e-a-legacy
> package? I quite liked that one and feel we should keep it around.

I think we should probably move all legacy themes into that package eventually,

> 2.

makes sense to me too.

two times yes.

Ok, I will nick those previous themes then from debian-edu-artwork src:pkg over the next few days.

IIRC desktop-base introduced the version string starting with the
futurePrototype theme as default - but then dropped the logo from all
wallpapers and also shipped wallpapers with even the swirl removed as an
alternative; the versioned logo for the login background has been kept,

IMO it would make sense to keep the version string for the installer.

Debian (Edu) version in the installer absolutely makes sense. I happy that you agree on having the version number removed from the other background images. :-D




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