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Re: pam-python/libpam-mklocaluser/debian-edu-config python3 migration.


Am Samstag, 19. September 2020 schrieb peter green:
> The debian python maintainers are trying to phase out python 2.
> python 2 has been granted a stay of execution as some important software requires it to build. However we should still
> be attempting to get rid of use at runtime if at all possible. Also the "unversioned python" packages have been dropped.
> Software that requires python 2 must depend on the explicit python2 packages and use the python2 binary name in /bin.
> The absolute minimum required to get pam-python and it's reverse dependencies in releasable shape for bullseye would be
> to switch away from the versioned python packages to the explicit python2 packages. However that is just kicking
> the can down the road.
> What needs to happen long-term is for pam-python to move to python 3. I suspect this will involve renaming the binary
> package and adjusting the reverse dependencies to depend on the new binary package and use python 3 compatible code.

I was pretty sure that pam-python.so and mklocaluser already operate on Python3. This mail makes me unsure about this, now.

I'll take a closer look at this. Thanks for letting us know.

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