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Re: next-generation LTSP landing in unstable

Hi Vagrant,

On Mon, Nov 11, 2019 at 01:26:17PM -0800, Vagrant Cascadian wrote:
> Debian-edu has been one of the larger users of LTSP, so I figured I'd
> let you know that I've just uploaded the next generation of LTSP (19.x)
> to unstable just now.

Thanks for the information. While the ltsp package is available on the 
mirrors (both versions 19.10 in experimental and 19.11 in unstable) I'm 
failing to install it because apt tells me that there isn't such a
package, which is sort of strange. Also, the migration status looks 
somehow unexpected: https://qa.debian.org/excuses.php?package=ltsp
> This is essentially a rewrite of LTSP from scratch, so virtually nothing
> remains the same; at the moment there is only a single "ltsp" package,
> which can technically co-exist with the older ltsp-* 5.x packages.

Yeah, it seems to imply a lot of integration work for Debian Edu...

> One of the biggest changes will be lack of thin client support; the new
> LTSP only supports fat clients booted over the network.

I figure a SquasFS image consisting of a minimal Debian system with just 
nodm and x2goclient packages added (preconfigured to some extent) would 
match this use case. I remember doing something comparable at times of 

> There is no correlary to ltsp-build-client anymore; preferred methods
> include building the image from the host OS, an iso image, or a virtual
> machine image. You can of course still maintain a chroot manually and
> build an image from that.

Yeah, quite a challenge for Debian Edu to figure out what to do. Maybe 
separating main and LTSP server (which is more or less a workstation) 
would be better, this is recommended anyway but adds more work for 
local admins.

> It will probably also require some changes to the way LDAP is supported;
> there are some people using LDAP with ltsp 19.x and the new system
> should make it easier to set up correctly.

Seeing forward to it.

> I do not intend to maintain ltsp 5.x, ldm or ltspfs in Debian for the
> bullseye release; if you need them to continue, please adopt ldm, ltspfs
> and upload an ltsp5 source package that takes over the old ltsp 5.x
> packages.

Thanks a lot for all your work on LTSP (and lessdisks¹, previously) for 
such a long time!


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