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Bug#944565: O: ldm -- LTSP display manager

Package: wnpp
Severity: normal

I intend to orphan the ldm package.

Newer versions of LTSP no longer make use of LDM; it is no longer
maintained upstream.

Marking it as orphaned for now just in case someone wants to maintain
the legacy LTSP 5.x and they could adopt this component.

If nobody wants to adopt it, it should probably be removed from the
archive instead of landing in the next stable release.

The package description is:
 ldm is an X11 display manager similar to xdm, gdm and kdm, but unlike
 those it wraps the X11 traffic within an SSH tunnel to provide a
 secure login mechanism for remote X sessions.
 LTSP stands for 'Linux Terminal Server Project'.

live well,

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