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Re: debian-edu-config_2.10.67_source.changes ACCEPTED into unstable

On Fri, Aug 16, 2019 at 12:25:49PM +0200, Wolfgang Schweer wrote:
> Sure, but this has already been fixed (somehow) in d-e-c 2.10.66. So if 
> the stable release team disagrees w/ 2.10.67, d-e-c 2.10.66 might be a 
> fallback option.

right. so back to my original question:

however/anyway, I'm not sure we can get this past the release team for the 
stable point release. we might. 

would someone else (Mike?) be willing to file a SRM bug for 
debian-edu-config_2.10.65+deb10u1? (or 2.10.66~ or 2.10.67~???)


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