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Bug#928756: debian-edu-config: search domain not configured correctly on diskless workstations in subnet00

On Fri, May 10, 2019 at 03:10:22PM +0200, Dominik George wrote:
> The following misbehaviour occurs reproducibly in a new installation of
> Debian Edu buster.
>  1. Install a combined server like normal.
>  2. Add a machine on the LTSP network as in the screenshot.
>  3. Boot that machine as diskless workstation.
> If done like that, the /etc/resolv.conf generated at boot by ltsp-init with
> the information provided by 08-edu-hostname is missing a search domain entry
> (it should probably be subnet00.intern intern).

The 08-edu-hostname script is unrelated to this issue, it's only 
about Debian Edu compliant hostname setting.
> The configuration of the search domain works perfectly on the main network

Yes, that's because the PXE configuration for the main subnet 
uses 'ipappend 2'; this option makes sure that all DHCP server 
information gets through to the LTSP client.
LTSP switched to using 'ipappend 3' instead of 'ipappend 2' during the 
Buster development cycle. While this option is useful for a simple LTSP 
setup w/o a proper DHCP server, it prevents the DHCP server information 
to get through to the client in the Debian Edu case.

For the dedicated LTSP subnets to show the same behaviour like the main 
subnet, the related PXE option needs to be adjusted for the LTSP setup.

I've tested the following patch to work on a fresh installation using 
the latest amd64 BD ISO image. (Replaced 001-ltsp-settings inside d-i 
environment.) It works like expected.

diff --git 
index 81946b3d..039ef6ac 100644
@@ -18,4 +18,8 @@ case $MODE in
         echo 'APT::Cmdline::ignore-trust-violations "true";'
     ) >> $ROOT/etc/apt/apt.conf.d/90ltsp-build-client
+    after-install)
+        mkdir -p $ROOT/etc/ltsp/update-kernels.conf.d
+        echo 'IPAPPEND="2"' > $ROOT/etc/ltsp/update-kernels.conf.d/pxe
+        ;;

While at it, I've also tested the changed finish-install script (like 
found in git) once again, works like expected (with haveged present).


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