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Re: debian-edu-doc, Dutch version of the ITIL manual


Holger Levsen schreef op vr 18-01-2019 om 16:34 [+0000]:
> hi,
> just seen when building debian-edu-doc:
> debian-edu-itil-manual.nl.tex: Emergency stop.
> A possible reason for transformation failure is invalid DocBook
> (as reported by xmllint)
> Error: xelatex compilation failed
> /build/debian-edu-doc-2.10.11/documentation/debian-edu-itil
> And indeed the pdf version of the ITIL manual is missing in
> debian-edu-doc-nl (while html and epub exist), while debian-edu-doc-
> nb
> has all three formats.

The problem was caused by ordinary double quotation marks in template
msgfmt -cv -o /dev/null debian-edu-itil-manual.nl.po had no problem
with it, but dblatex failed to build the pdf.
I fixed the problem by replacing the ordinary double quotation marks
with curved quotation marks

> I haven't investigated whether other langueages are affected.
> The src:debian-edu-doc build log has some other, more or less scary
> looking, error messages which I also haven't investigated.
> tschüß,
> 	Holger
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Frans Spiesschaert

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