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Bug#629623: update

control: reassign -1 gosa
control: retitle -1 'new global config option "don't reuse user IDs that have been used once already"

< sunweaver> about #629623: It is a permission issue in GOsa that debian-edu-config should fix during TJENER bootstrap.
zwiebelbot- | (#debian-edu) Debian#629623: gosa: uid and guid of deleted users are reused. -  https://bugs.debian.org/629623
< sunweaver> GOsa allows user removal, fine for some setups.
< sunweaver> For schools, I agree with Klaus Ade, that we should not remove user accounts.
< sunweaver> but that is also differing between school setups I sense.
< sunweaver> the upcoming schoolmanager plugin (maybe for buster in a very raw, but working version), the non-removal of 
             users is part of the concept.
< sunweaver> of course, this could also be addressed in GOsa, but that is an upstream thing.
< sunweaver> global configuration option "really remove users" vs. "archive users when removed".
< sunweaver> or simply... another global config option "don't reuse user IDs that have been used once already"
< sunweaver> the last approach would require reassigning to gosa and I guess the patch could be quite minimal.
< sunweaver> | h01ger: ^
<    h01ger> | sunweaver: can you resend that to the bug please? or should i copynpaste irc?
< sunweaver> pls copy+paste IRC.

I like the last option best (though/and I think it should be the default), 
thus reassigning. Thanks!


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