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Bug#888829: wpad-extract broken on stretch

Hi Wolfgang,

On  Di 30 Jan 2018 13:01:23 CET, Mike Gabriel wrote:

Package: debian-edu-config
Severity: important
Version: 1.929

On Debian Edu stretch, the proxy settings do not get updated from WPAD. Cause is the wpad-extract script in /usr/share/debian-edu-config/tools. It returns nothing when executed.

A simple fix seems to be to backport this commit to d-e-c in Debian stretch:

Plus adding libpacparser1 under Depends: of d-e-c.


I'd like to prepare a stretch-pu upload of d-e-c with that wpad-extract script fixed. (Do you also observe it as broken on a Debian Edu stretch system?)

Would there be other atomic fixes that are valid for a stretch-pu?

Could you please comment on the reason behind switching from "proxy" to "pactester" in wpad-extract?
(We need a good reason for the release team...).

See our IRC backlog as reference regarding the above issue:

12:53 < sunweaver> h01ger: hi!
12:53 < sunweaver> schweer ist not around... hmmm...
12:53 < sunweaver> anyway... https://anonscm.debian.org/cgit/debian-edu/debian-edu-config.git/commit/?id=a06147029201686d5401d50f8ba32cd9cd9f7093 12:54 < sunweaver> we noticed that update-proxy-from-wpad script is broken on stretch, well, ... because wpad-extract is broken on stretch. 12:54 < sunweaver> that script is required for having correct proxy settings in APT, environment, etc.
12:55 < sunweaver> I'd like to backport the above patch to d-e-c in stretch.
12:55 < sunweaver> have others come across this issue already? Was it under discussion already?
12:56 * sunweaver files a bug for now...
12:58 < h01ger> is the issue fixed in sid?
12:59 < sunweaver> h01ger: I haven't tested a sid system, but I cherry-picked the above commit into a live stretch system and the issue is then resolved.
13:00 < sunweaver> uploaded as 1.944
13:00 < sunweaver> https://anonscm.debian.org/cgit/debian-edu/debian-edu-config.git/tree/debian/changelog?id=03f3e9bd88a009a8add6faeb46060c17144b5eaf 13:00 < sunweaver> it needs another dependency then, too: libpacparser1 (for binary pactester).
13:01 < sunweaver> bug mail is on its way.
13:01 < sunweaver> I will add a fixed -1 1.944 once the bug appears on the ML.
13:04 < sunweaver> #888829
13:04 -zwiebelbot:#debian-edu- Debian#888829: wpad-extract broken on stretch - https://bugs.debian.org/888829
13:05 < h01ger> is there a bug number for wpad-extract being broken in stretch?
13:05 < sunweaver> wpad-extract is a script in d-e-c
13:05 < h01ger> ah
13:05 < sunweaver> and #888829 _is_ the bug.
13:05 < h01ger> fixes with new depends are also "hmmm"/not the most welcomed
13:06 < sunweaver> which sunweaver is aware of...
13:06 < sunweaver> the current (stretch) version has some KDE3 junk in it that schweer gratefully removed. 13:06 < sunweaver> I'd love to hear from him, why he chose the switch to pactester. 13:07 < sunweaver> I guess it is on him to... he may have had good reason to switch to another tool. 13:07 < h01ger> the fix for #888829 looks ok, but i'm not a stable release manager… so you will need to file a bug against release.debian.org (best using reportbug) to get d-e-c updated
13:08 < sunweaver> h01ger: I have your go to handle the stretch-pu?
13:09 < sunweaver> I will wait for schweers feedback for now...
13:09 < h01ger> yes. but please start by filing a bug against release.debian.org… and maybe first a stretch-pu branch (in d-e-c) until you get a go, at which time you can upload and move the branch to stretch
13:09 < sunweaver> yes.
13:10 < h01ger> (and when you file this bug include the complete proposed debdiff in it…) 13:10 < sunweaver> ok with you, to copy+paste our chat backlog to the bug as schweer is offline?
13:10 < sunweaver> of course! same as with any other pu...
13:10 < h01ger> yup


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