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Re: Bug#888626: debian-edu-config: do we really need ./bin/ltsp-arch-debian-edu

[Holger Levsen]
>>  (2) do we want to actively remove support for non-i386 and non-amd64
>>      archs in Debian Edu?
> I dont get this question, we already hard-coded i386/amd64 in a million
> place and ./bin/ltsp-arch-debian-edu is an example of this
> hard-coding...

I doubt it is true those archs are hard-coded in a million places, as it
has already been demonstrated how to run Debian Edu on both arm and
powerpc.  We have few such hardcoded arch entries breaking other archs.
ltsp-arch-debian-edu is not an example of this hard-coding, as it handle
non-x86-arch just fine.  We special case amd64 there, to ensure such
server get a ltsp chroot that can be used by both amd64 and i386
hardware.  It is not hard-coding i386/amd64, as it also work for other
archs, it is a simple arch-specific override.

Happy hacking
Petter Reinholdtsen

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