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re: #880485: qemu: add mips64/mips64el host support

control: affects -1 src:debian-edu-config


ping on this #880485 "qemu: add mips64/mips64el host support" which
according to the submitter is now trivially possible by modifying

< h01ger> | i'm wondering, cause the latest debian-edu-config changed the dependency on cfengine2 to cfengine3, and the latter aint available on mips64el
< h01ger> | appearantly cfengine3 was never available on mips64el…
< pochu> excuses says it all
< pochu>     debian-edu-config/mips64el unsatisfiable Depends:
<      h01ger> | buildd.logs for cfengine3 show this is because libvirt-dev is missing on mips64el, which is because qemu-system-common
is missing on mips64el, but then i look athttps://buildd.debian.org/status/package.php?p=qemu&suite=sid and it says it builds fine on mips64el
< pochu> it doesn't build all binaries
< pochu> see #880485
< aurel32> this bug has already been fixed in the git long time ago, but has been somehow not part of the lastest upload
< aurel32> iiuc mjt is preparing a qemu upload
< aurel32> it has even been fixed before the bug has been reported

It would be nice if you could upload this timely, so debian-edu-config
can migrate!


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