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ldap question regarding nextcloud+tjener

Hi all

I already have a nexcloud server on a different host than the tjener, but it is using ldap for authentication.

I want to use group features in nextcloud v12, but it doesn't seem to work. I can see the groups defined in Gosa (students/teachers/admins), but the users listed in nextcloud don't show that they are members of these groups and I cannot tell nextcloud to put them in a group (more or less expected, as the connection to ldap is read only). I can "define" a group, but also not put users in them as members.

I seem to remember that there may be some change in ldap necessary to make this work, but I can't remember it, and it isn't easy to google for, it seems.

I'm using the following Base DN for ldap, from nextcloud:


for users, the filter (|(objectclass=posixAccount))

login attributes: (&(|(objectclass=posixAccount))(uid=%uid))

and for groups: (|(cn=admins)(cn=students)(cn=teachers))

This results in a system where a user defined on the tjener (gosa) can login, regardless of group membership.

Does anyone have something like this working? (If so, how?)



PS, this was all configured by a fellow parent who is now unavailable for further work on this.

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