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Re: Review of thonny package

Hi Aivar,

sorry for the delay… here's a quite a few thing to do ;).

> I haven't got the response for the request to join Debian Edu in
> Alioth, so I implemented some fixes in my current repo:
> https://bitbucket.org/plas/thonny-debian/commits/all (see the commits
> since "/fixed some lintian -viI warnings/"). Here is the current debian
> folder: https://bitbucket.org/plas/thonny-debian/src/master/debian/

I will look into this on Monday, the latest.

> >   * Why do you list some Python dependencies explicitly on the binary package?
> Do you mean why I didn't rely on ${misc:Depends} and ${python3:Depends}
> ? At least for python3-pip and python3-venv I couldn't see how the
> builder could have detected these automatically (for certain tasks
> Thonny runs pip and venv in a subprocess). For jedi I wanted to specify
> the minimum version. Why is it bad to list the deps explicitly? May I
> get rid of ${misc:Depends} and ${python3:Depends} instead of explicit
> deps?

It's not bad - I just wanted to hear an explanation, and you provided a
good one.

Please only list those that cannot be auto-detected. For the others,
keep them in the Depends field.

The variable expansion is unconditional, so the dependencies will end up
in the list twice. While technically not a bis deal, it's very unclean.

> >   * d/copyright: Looks basically good, but…
> >     …what is the licenses/ directory in the upstream source? What are they for?
> Most of the licenses/ directory in the upstream source is irrelevant
> for a source distribution (I compiled them to cover stuff in
> Python+Tcl/Tk+Thonny bundles). I'll remove irrelevant parts in next
> source release.


> > And did you write these license texts and put them under the Expat license, as claimed in
> >     d/copyright ;)? (Yes, license texts are copyrightable works…)
> I'm afraid I didn't get the point here. Should I omit these licenses
> from the source tarball? Or do I need to include another section in
> debian/copyright to cover the license texts?

Well, a licence text, just like eny other text, is a copyrightable work, under some licence.

But it's just nit-picking. Never mind ;).

But yes, do remove all licence texts that do not apply to your source tarball.

> I'm now member of debian-edu, but I don't know what to do next. How do
> I "push my repo to the team space"? Do I understand correctly, that the
> result should be something with "/debian-edu/pkg-team/thonny.git" ?

Yes. On git.debian.org, in /git/debian-edu/pkg-team, run
`setup-repository thonny "thonny packaging"`.

Then push everything there.

If not yet done, please get familiar with git-buildpackage and make your
repository work with it, including pristine-tar. (If you need help with
that, that is ok - but please try.)

>  * I changed the watch file back to the one with PyPI redirector (it
>    works now, but the same file really didn't work couple of weeks ago).

Machines do get the hick-ups.

>  * Now the desktop file and man page come from upstream



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