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Re: Missing audio using xrdp and remote desktop connection

> Hi,
>> IÂ?m
> Please fix your e-mail encoding, btwâ?¦

I think this is an issue of the word processor I use to write emails. It
converts some characters upon typing, e.g. ' becomes ?, etc. I hope this
doesn't worry you too much. I don?t know how to fix this easily.

>> currently using xrdp to extablish a remote desktop connection. This
>> works rather well.
>> Unfortunately IÂ?m not getting any sound.
>> How can I fix this?
> Unfortunately, you can't. While xrdp supports it, we cannot build the
> required PulseAudio module in Debian because the PulseAudio devs do not
> export the required API.

I understand, thanks!

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