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Re: How to use remote desktop?

>> Hi,
>>> Anyway, I also noticed that some applications are not working, e.g.
>>> Â?Multi-activity educational game GComprisÂ? and Â?Chess GameÂ?. Kde
>>> throws
>>> e.g. Â?Could not find the program gcomprisÂ?.
>>> Can you reproduce this?
>> Nope, as it's probably another missing package.
>> I am not sure whether these applications are in the default set of
>> Debian Edu, so maybe now the xrdp issue is solved, maybe start a new
>> thread and others who know could take over ;).
> Hi Nik,
> The mentioned not working applications are in the default set of Debian
> Edu and they are working perfectly when I log in directly on the server.
> Therefore I conclude that they are not missing. I couldn?t test them with
> LTSP clients though.
> Couldn?t it be related to xrdp since they work well directly on the
> server?

Hi Nik,

I did further research and found a way to launch the not working
applications on xrdp as well.

I open xterm:

jener:~$ gcompris
Could not find the database of available applications, run
update-command-not-found as root to fix this
Command 'gcompris' is available in '/usr/games/gcompris'
The command could not be located because '/usr/games' is not included in
the PATH environment variable.
gcompris: command not found
mm@tjener:~$ cd /usr/games
mm@tjener:/usr/games$ ./gcompris

The application starts now.

Again, this issue occurs on xrdp only (not 100% sure though).

Kind regards,

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