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Re: Feedback on gosa2 mass-create user function

Hi Petter,

It is however strange to me that a new user, e.g. a student can be created
using gosa2 with a very simple password with e.g. 3 letters only, which I
think should not be accepted by Kerberos but it is.

This does not apply to password changes where the requirement rules are
somehow increased.

Can you reproduce this?

Kind regards,

> [Wolfgang Schweer]
>> It's possible to add 'strictPasswordRules="false"' to the gosa.conf
>> location section to have more choice (UTF-8). You risk to enter later
>> non working passwords, though (see 'man gosa.conf'). And it is highly
>> discouraged to touch gosa.conf at all if you don't know exactly what
>> you're doingâ?¦
> Yes, because Kerberos have its own password requirements, and if  you
> set a password in Gosa that is rejected by Kerberos, the password change
> will only be partly implemented.>
> --
> Happy hacking
> Petter Reinholdtsen

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