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Problem connecting to samba with windows client

Hi folks,

We currently have a samba share available in our setup running on another
server. It?s a single share used by all staff members and is used to
access and share file.

This setup doesn?t use a domain but rather the default workgroup
?WORKGROUP? and access is rather simple by entering the ip address of the
server into the windows explorer. It works perfectly.

DebianEdu gives every teacher and student his own samba share. However,
they access DebianEdu through LTSP, thin clients and diskless

We do have windows users among the staff who would like to have a samba
share on DebianEdu as well. I believe, DebianEdu is perfectly able to do
this, but maybe not by default.

I was thinking that I could create a student user account for each staff
for the start. Does this make sense? Is it good practice to kind of extend
DebianEdu to manage staff accounts in addition to ?Students? and

Anyway, the configuration of samba shares in DebianEdu appears to be
different than our current samba share system.

One difference is that DebianEdu uses a ?Domain? instead of a ?Workgroup?.
I tried to connect to the ?SKOLELINUX? domain using a windows client but
this doesn?t work. The Server is apparently not accessible.

Could it be that this is an issue of machine management with Gosa2 ? Fact
is that I didn?t register any networked device. Is this compulsory?

Personally I like our current setup which is device independent, meaning
that the user can use any device without prior registration. Is this
rather bad practice?

Kind regards,

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