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Bug#867271: debian-edu: Network problems when installing ltsp-server from USB iso

Hi Samuel,

thanks for your report.

> I tried to install debian edu 9.0 from the USB iso, and I met several 
> problems that prevents me to install the ltsp-server in the 
> installation process :
> 1. It downloads packages from the internet but never asks for proxy

You can add a kernel parameter pointing to an existing mirror. For an 
example and instruction how to edit the command line, see the manual:

As an alternative, you can add 'debian-edu-expert' as param to the 
kernel command line. You'll then get the usual Debian Installer proxy 
question (and some more).

> 2. It doesn't refreshes the repository for packages, leading to 404 
> error for one package not at the expected address
> 3. It tries to install packages from ISO but complains because Release 
> file is invalid (too old).

These two issues are fixed in debian-edu-config 1.936 (atm in unstable).
Maybe the fix should be backported to stable…


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