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Re: Can?t force session for thin clients

On Thu, Oct 05, 2017 at 05:35:35AM +0200, roman.meier@gismap.ch wrote:
> > If users shouldn't have another choice via LDM settings, use both:
> >
> > LDM_SESSION=/usr/bin/startlxde
> > LDM_FORCE_SESSION=/usr/bin/startlxde
> My tests have shown that your suggestion works perfectly for new users.
> However, a user who is currently using e.g. Gnome becomes locked up with
> it and can't change to another desktop environment anymore. Can you
> reproduce this?

> I'm looking for a way to force new and old users as well.

It seems to be safe to use the session name found in the 
/usr/share/xsession directory (LXDE.desktop). Also, to hide the LDM 
session setting option it's more intuitive to use the 'true' value.

So please try these settings instead:


I'll update the manual if you can confirm these settings to work.


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