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Re: How to fix incomplete installation of DebianEdu Stretch?

>>> I there a way I can complete my installation with the failed two parts?
>> Most probably: yes; run 'debian-edu-ltsp --arch i386' on the main
>> server. It will take a long time.
>> Run 'cfengine-debian-edu -D installation' after the LTSP image has been
>> built.
>> Good luck,
>> Wolfgang
> Hi folks,
> I tried the steps Wolfgang suggested above. It was quite a pain and took
> long due to my rather bad internet connection.
> I seams that most of the packages are available on
> debian-edu-9+edu0-USB.iso. Therefore it helped me a lot to copy them into
> /var/cache/apt/archives/ prior to the building process to reduce the
> number of downloads.
> The building process was successful, which is good news. I then tested
> LTSP with a client pc.
> To boot using option ?LTSP diskless workstation? seems to work perfectly.
> Booting with option ?LTSP thin client? fails. The booting process starts
> as expected returning a number of messages. The following message is
> thrown but may not be serious, since it also appears with option ?LTSP
> diskless workstation? not causing any problems apparently.
> [FAILED] Failed to start Simple Desktop Display Manager.
> See ?systemctl status sddm.service? for details.
> After this, the screen turns black. I can then switch to console but I?m
> unable to go further since login and password is required. I tested root
> and first user login without success.
> Any ideas?
> Kind regards,
> Roman

I found out more about this issue. It may not be relevant though.

I noticed that it's not really a true black screen but rather a black x

When I move the mouse, I can sometimes see a mouse pointer appear for a
short time in the upper left corner of the display.

That's all I can add for now.

Kind regards,

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